I'm no red carpet trotting expert (while many have been observed, I've actually tread on very few), but I'm guessing having to grab on to one's own crotch while walking isn't a preferred variable.

Enter "DJ/producer/entrepreneur" (but really she's just totty off TOWIE) Lauren Pope who decided seams weren't necessary at the London premiere of TS: BDP1 (the title's too long to be typing all the time), just a belt would do. That makes walking slightly arduous on a breezy November night.

Sorry Lauren, you went to a lot of bother, but you weren't last night's highlight, nor were Holly Willoughby's bountiful bosoms, Pixie Lott's wily shoulders, Una Healy's bump, the abundantly questionable X Factor fodder's attire, Tulisa flippimg the finger, the bashful jean-wearing person Caroline Flack was smuggling into the premiere, or Heidi Range getting it so terribly wrong again…

It wasn't even Robert Pattinson attempting to unleash the beast again (remember his first attempt), before settling for the moodiest red carpet shot in history… it was Kristen Stewart looking genuinely happy. She even managed to look directly at RPattz in a loving way. That is truly heartwarming. Although, she could just be thinking "WHIIIPEEEEEE! Only one more Twilight film to promote and I'm freeeeeee! I'll just keep twiddling this 'SMILE' button the franchise had installed in the back of my head and Bob's yer boyfriend!"