It's Day 32 in the Rihanna/Brown saga and Sean 'Diddy' Combs, or whatever he's going by these days, has defended his decision to allow Chris Brown and Rihanna to use his luxurious Miami home during their "dark time". During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Combs said that he was doing it as a favour for his friends."It's never right for anybody to hit anybody", added Combs, the defendant in not one, but two assaults in December 1999. It has also emerged recently that Brown might have been having an affair with his 40 year old manager. So that would probably explain all the brouhaha.

Elsewhere, Geri Halliwell has split from her fiancé Fabrizio Politi. The word on the street is that she woke up one morning last week and decided that she just wasn't too keen on this whole marriage lark and said as much to her Italian shipping tycoon fella. What an absolute flake.. Anne Heche is one step ahead of Geri, she finalized her divorce from some guy who goes by the hilarious name of Coley Laffoon. Heche's current boyfriend, James Tupper, is currently in the process of completing his divorce from Katherine Mayfield. Christ, it's like some sort of revolving door over there..

Another relationship might be on the rocks. You'll be devastated to learn that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have had, wait for it, an argument! In public! For shame… According to a "source", Lindsay showed up to a nightclub at around 1am and Sam appeared furious for some reason. What follows is the single best quote you'll read in our Celebrity Gossip section today - "Sam appeared to be furious and the two started to argue in the DJ booth, before Lindsay began dancing wildly." Yeah! A real-life, sincere dance-off. I hope Lindsay was able to accurately portray her emotions in the guise of an interpretive dance routine. That'll show that Ronson chick..

It's not quite as entertaining when celeb romances are going swimmingly, but we thought you should know that John Mayer has approached top US jewelry designer to design a ridiculously expensive ring for his BFF, Jennifer Aniston. You know the sort of ring we're talking about, the type that is so big it gives the wearer back pain.

-John Balfe

(Sheena McGinley is away)