It's only the first week of 2020 and we've already have our first few big TV moments of the year. The 'Derry Girls' 'Bake Off' special kicked off the year in style and now clips from the latest episode of 'Celebrity Mastermind' have gone viral.

Actress Amanda Henderson, best-known for her role on 'Casualty', appeared as a guest on the celeb special.

She joined Paul Chuckle from the Chuckle Brothers, celebrity chef Levi Roots and comedian Geoff Norcott for the game show with John Humphries hosting.

While she sailed through her specialist subject – songs from animated Disney films from 1989-1999 - Henderson struggled elsewhere.

At one point, she was asked which Swedish climate change activist penned the speech book 'No-one is Too Small To Make A Difference'.


Her answer had audiences crying laughing.


But wait, there's more.

Elsewhere, Amanda Henderson was asked which Irish political party's name translates as "we ourselves."

Then we got another gem.


She came joint first runner-up in the end.