Not that any of them are officially leaving the way of life that is being a celebrity, it's more code for "there's f*** all else happening, so here are some photos of famous people drunk and / or leaving places / getting blinded by the paps."

So, we have Dita Von Teese nearly snotting herself (or she just has phobia involving pavements) and Paloma Faith being blinded while leaving a Playboy party in London.

Also in London, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Tamara Ecclestone decided to celebrate Meg Matthews getting a career of sorts (she's launched a blog…). Meanwhile, close by, Sideshow Winstone, Peaches Geldof (presumably they're her shopping bags), and Hofit Golan's hurty leg all left the Paige Denim cocktail party.

Elsewhere, specifically In Paris, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley seemed traumatised to be photographed in her coat, so she took it off, while Alexa Chung just went about her business.

Finally, Michael Douglas and Sean Penn seemed to be quaffing vodka at a Dom Perignon party (during Art Basel at the W Hotel Miami Beach). Luckily for them, the focus was shifted from them somewhat by Paris Hilton, who enjoyed her time telling the photographer where to go, before frog marching around the venue, merrily saluting everyone on the dance floor. That or she was surreptitiously checking her pits.