This might be just our most eyebrow-raising quiz yet.

For this quiz, we've pulled together 11 celebrities, zoomed in on their eyebrows, for you to furrow your own brow over. Where possible, we've used the most high-res image we can find, but in a few instances, the image might not quite be so clear.

As well as this, we've also endeavoured to use the most recent photos of each celebrity, but in one or two, we've gone for a still image for a role they're more closely associated with because, you know, we're sound like that.

Not only that, we've also included the celebrity's forehead and a bit of their hair, so it's not all just eyebrows.

As ever, no checking Google or Wikipedia for the answers, and be sure to check and double-check your spelling as misspellings are counted as wrong answers.

Good luck!