First out, in fifth place: The Lady Beacham. Boooooooooooooooo.

Second out, in fourth place: Basshunter. He had some interesting things to say about Kat. He should consider never sporting that hairdo again.

Third out, in third place. Mr. Vinnie Jones. Shocked? Rather. He's "been a captain all his life". Well his ship went for a hop. Quote of the evening goes to Alex, when he said "It's great to still be in here with you Vain... uh, Dane." From the mouths of babes, and so on.

Fourth out, in second place: Dane Bowers. That had to smart, just a little bit.

And fifth out, in first place - Mr. Jordan. AKA Alex Reid... If ever further evidence was required that the British voting public go weak at the joints for 'nice but dim' folk. It has to be said, though, Alex was sharp with the quips when it mattered most. Unfortunately such an occurrence didn't present itself during his eviction interview with Davina. Instead of the words flowing, he pretty much trod, sat and smothered most of them. Davina seemed cursed with the same blight, opening said interview with "I can not recall when winning has mean so much o someone..." Somewhere, Mark Owen is weeping softly.