If 2009 was the year of celebrity deaths, 2013 was the year of the celebrity births. Everyone was at it. Here's a rundown of just some of the babies that sprang forth from famous (and not-so-famous) sorts in the last 12 months. Click on the link to see who their parents are, you know, if you're interested. Some of them are more obvious than others.

Marnie Rose Cooper. Birthday: January 8th
Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John. Birthday: January 11th
Milan Pique Mebarak. Birthday: January 22nd
Sadie O'Driscoll. Birthday: February 10th
Felix Chang. Birthday: February 14th
Lula Rosylea. Birthday: 14th February
Eva Madelief. Birthday: 15th February
Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. Birthday: 21st February
Rex Rayne. Birthday: 21st February
Margot Cullum. Birthday: 4th March
Lara Linehan. Birthday: 14th March
Ava Berlin Renner. Birthday: 28th March
Lincoln Bell (sounds like a monument). Birthday: 28th March
Phaedra Cohen. Birthday: 24th April
Unknown Walliams Stone. Birthday: 5th May
Klay Anthony Rooney. Birthday: 20th May
Alaia-Mae Humes. Birthday: 20th May
Everly Tatum. Birthday: 31st May
North West. Birthday: 15th June
Ace Knute Johnson. Birthday: 30th June
Luna Bardem. Birthday: 22nd July
Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. BIrthday: 22nd July
Carmen Gabriela Baldwin. Birthday: 23rd August
Noah Buble. BIrthday: 27th August
Axl Jack Duhmamel. Birthday: 29th August
Elijah Hubbell. BIrthday: 28th September
Azura Sienna Ononye. BIrthday: late September
Maceo Robert Martinez. Birthday: 5th October
Parker Bridge. Birthday. 18th October
Gia Byrne. Birthday: 23rd October
Lulu Viiolet Toni Candy. Birthday: November 2013
Autumn James Hallisay. Birthday: 26th November
Bear Winslet. Birthday: 9th December