So today marks an exciting day for Ireland; it's National Potato Day. Oh yes. How will you have yours? Boiled? Fried? Roasted? Mashed? The list of ways to enjoy a spud is endless. In celebration of this momentous occassion, we here at got to thinking, there's an awful lot of celebrities out there that look like potatoes. Don't you agree?

Once upon a time, somebody found a potato that looked more like Wayne Rooney than Wayne Rooney did himself. True story. Celebrities that resemble your average rotund spud are ten a penny. Aside from poor Wayne, you have the likes of Danny Devito - he'd be a massive baked potato - Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel, and Ricky Gervais. We then got to thinking about all the different varieties of potato and the ways in which they can be enjoyed. Who doesn't love a good jacket potato? With their wrinkly exteriors there's only one celebrity that stood out to us: Mickey Rourke. The similarity is uncanny, we know. Poor Mickey's been left in the microwave a little too long it seems. Also falling under our jacket potato category is Kristen Stewart. OK, she doesn't look like a potato per se but you know she'd drop her jacket at the sight of some melting butter. (Apologies.) Then you have your sweet potato, much like a regular potato but orange. We give you Snooki. What about a hash brown? Triangular, oniony: Jay Leno, Willem Dafoe, Sarah Jessica Parker.My personal favourite would be a roast potato. Remember that mother who wanted her little girl to have tan? She'd be a nice crispy one. Chips. Everbody likes chips. They're long and angular. I wonder how Adrien Brody and (again) Sarah Jessica Parker feel about chips. Baby potato? We reckon Daniel Craig's our best bet here; his head seems small enough. Aging potato that's started to sprout a bit? Well that'd be Don Rickleswouldn't it. And who could leave out mash potato? Lindsay Lohan. Enough said. Lastly, you have potato gratin: Layer upon layer of identical potato slices covered in cream. We give you One Direction.

Oh and there's also James Taylor. He not only looks like a potato but also sang a song about potatoes. It's called Sweet Potato Pie. Learn something new every day on