Yes, it’s all about the TV BAFTAS this week, and the MET Gala last week (though obviously I think that the fella in the Kerry jersey who may or may not have been Anna Wintour's date automatically gets best dressed) but there have been some other celeb looks of late that we've been drooling over just a smidgen.

First up is Heida Reed and her pop of colour on the lip. We love this look - it’s all sleek hair and low key eye make up, keeping the focus right on that pout. And if you are wondering where you've seen her before because that graceful pose looks familiar, well, this will remind you but WARNING: you may be unable to concentrate for the rest of the day.


Next up is actress Gina Rodriguez who has mastered the art of the sparkle - too much and you’re a Disney extra, but just enough and you keep the focus on the eye with some easy glamour.

And my final pick is Emmy Rossum, the Benjamin Button of Hollywood. Seriously, whatever skincare she is using, we'll have your biggest vat going, please.

You can check out some more of my favourites below. Are there any that are catching your eye? (And I’ve just realised that Rachel Weisz isn’t, in fact, wearing a hat).