It's Monday evening and my brain has ceased to function. Thankfully, there was a party in LA yesterday featuring LOTS of TV celebraddies (it was CBS Showtime's CW Summer 2012 Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, if yer fussy) so I'm just going to wile away my last half hour in work having a gander at who was there, what they wore and whether they look well or not.

Damn those Americans, they're pretty much all attractive. Well the famous ones, that is.

Here's Chris O'Donnell - once played Robin, stole my heart in Scent Of A Woman, aging quite well in general. Also maturing like a fine wine is Matt LeBlanc - quite the silver fox if you ask me, doesn't look as dumb as he did when playing Joey on Friends - and David Duchovny. Then there's Alex O'Loughlin. OK well he's Scottish but mother of GOD he's attractive. He runs around trying to catch the bad guys in Hawaii 5-0.

Going younger again, we have Matt Lanter, the absolute ride who's had his go of just about everyone in his show, 90210.

Donning some questionable ensembles we have LL Cool J, although I must admit I met him in New York a few years back wearing a bicep busting t-shirt with his name on it. So in light of that, this granddaddy style get up is arguably an improvement.

As for the ladies? Well they're all just bloody gorgeous, aren't they. Among the females in attendance we have Sophia Bush, Tyra Banks, Rachel Bilson, Emmy Rossum, Jessica Lowndes and AnnaLynne McCord providing the token 'here's my ass, take a picture of it, NOW!' photo.

Last but by no means least we have one of the stars of 2 Broke Girls, Kat Dennings who I'm sure made lots of mammaries - uh I mean MEMORIES - with her fellow CBS colleagues.