A typical St. Patrick's Day float will consist of either marching bands, Irish dancers, maybe some kind of representation from the Defence Forces, or even a local celebrity thrown in for good measure.

What you don't expect to see in a float is a a small digger, loaded onto the back of a truck, portraying a robbery of an ATM from a Bank of Ireland branch. Because that's exactly what Cavan's St. Patrick's Day parade had.

Take a look.

Of course, there is some back story behind this and it's not just giving people inspiration via a St. Patrick's Day float.

As it turns out, there really was a robbery involving a digger in the area. In the early hours of March 10th, a digger really did rob an ATM out of the Bank Of Ireland in Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.

A spokesperson told the Irish Independent that when Gardai arrived at the scene of the crime, "they discovered that a large digger had been used to remove the ATM from the bank."

Basically, the float was a crime scene recreation and was probably there to help jog people's memory about the incident. That's just good police work right there, so it is.