For all the animal lovers out there who wish they could spend hours watching cats endlessly, then the perfect TV channel for you has just come into existence, and it promises to be better than this effort.

Over on, you can tune into a whole range of channels, but Cats 24/7 is more than likely going to be a big hit, given how many cat videos there are already on the internet. You can also choose to tune in to Dogs 24/7, but something tells us that won’t be as popular.

You can expect a whole range of feline-flavoured programming, such as Kitten Zone, Big Cats, Famous Felines and Cats Gone Viral! which will star some of the world famous internet cats that you’re already familiar with, just like Grumpy Cat.

When our civilisation does eventually crumble, the only ruins that will be left by which we will be judged are several million videos of cats on YouTube. What a legacy...