Yeeeeeeeeah, her timing/turn of phrase could've been better.

According to Perez Hilton, Cate Blanchett thought it'd be a great idea to say the following during the press junket for Monuments Men - a film that has nothing to do with Woody Allen:

"Well, working with Woody is like an emotional strip club without the cash. He’s got the clarity of someone who has done stand-up for so many years. He just knows when a gag works and when it doesn’t work, when a scene is moving or it’s not moving. That can be quite brutal - but when Woody Allen calls you, you know you are going to say yes. You say yes before you even see the script.”

As it happens, the experience of being emotionally plundered 'til there's nothing left of you apart from an empty, quivering purse has worked out for Cate; she has 'a course bagged herself a Best Actress nomination for Blue Jasmine. The downside is, Hollywood at large may not be inclined to support Allen's movie in light of recent events.

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