When we look at the national broadcaster in this country, the debates generally tend to ping-pong between broadcaster salaries for the likes of Ryan Tubridy, Marian Finucane et al, and whether we as a nation are getting "value" out of it from the licence fee.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, this is some of the content that's making its way out of the hallowed corridors of the BBC. That's right, folks - a nine-hour video of a cat, on a roomba, mindlessly circling a room with some quiet ambient hum.

There's nothing else here, no deeper message or meaning, just a very expensive camera trained on a cat and a roomba, with a Christmas tree in the background. No more, no less.

The video has been on a loop on BBC's YouTube page since Friday, with people periodically stopping by to see that, yes, this cat is still on the roomba and the video is still looping.

Keep hoovering, Persian cat. Keep hoovering.