Although most of us associate Carrie Fisher with Princess Leia, the actress had a side-career for many years as a ghost-writer.

In fact, Carrie Fisher basically wrote the jokes for most of the Oscars throughout the '90s and early '00s. Yes, really. Her rapier wit was on full display when she did an interview with Good Morning America and, really, it was six minutes of Carrie Fisher making sly digs and witty comebacks.

Seriously, the poor interviewer didn't stand a chance. Carrie Fisher was there to tear shit up and she did just that. What do we mean?

When Fisher's dog began to fall asleep during the interview...

Int: "That's the first time someone's fallen asleep during an interview with me!"

Carrie Fisher: "That you know of."

Really though, Carrie Fisher's one of those people that's been around long enough that she really can't fake these types of interviews.

Plus, she's utterly hilarious when she does interviews so we can expect more of these in weeks to come.


Via Good Morning America