As we're all practicing self-isolation at the minute, people are finding new ways to occupy their time while still being together.

Quizzes are becoming more popular on Zoom, Netflix Parties are a thing now, but if you fancy being terrible people while practicing self-isolation, 'Cards Against Humanity' wasn't really an option.

Until now, that is.

The official website for the twisted game has been updated, with a link to, allowing people to play the game online. If you follow the link and select 'Cards Against Humanity', you can start a game and send the link to anyone and they can join the game.

Once they've all got the link, it's the same as the game in real-life. One person, usually the judge, draws a black card with a statement featuring blank spaces, and the rest of the players try to pair it with the white card. The winner of each round is decided by the judge.

Obviously, it works best if you're using it in conjunction with the likes of Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom, so you can hear the horrified gasps of your friends or their laughter, depending on how depraved your round is.