We all wondered when it was going to happen. And then we were told it was going to happen about six months ago. And now it's happened...

Don't they look lovely? You'd think Burberry might have stretched to giving them each a trench coat to wear, but they seem to be making do, huddling under just the one there. Kate seems to be hogging it somewhat, but sure she's allowed.

So what's it all for? The new My Burberry scent. According to The Huffington Post, it's a "strong, sensual and long-lasting scent comes from a honey-hued juice made up of sweet pea, bergamot oil, freesia, rose, golden quince and patchouli." It's meant to emulate the sweet stench of a trench. 

It's no available in all swanky department stores and Burberry.com should you want to slather yourself in it.