We're all guilty of having airhead moments but thankfully most of us don't have daughters who share them on social media. 

Having been in touch with her car insurance company, Susan was asked to send pictures of the 'front, rear and side'. Not understanding that they meant the car, Susan sent them photos of the 'front, rear and side'. 

Of herself. 


Susan followed up the photos with a text, acknowledging the strangeness of the situation. ‘That felt weird :) Thanks Eva, hope those work?”

Of course those didn't work with Eva who must be given credit for the professional way she handled it. 

Eva replied, saying: ‘Susan you look very nice, but I need pictures of your vehicle.’

Ooops. It's OK Susan. At least nobody saw. Oh wait, no. We forgot. You have a daughter who tweeted about it. 

The best part about the whole story is that if you look closely at Susan's photos you'll see that they clearly aren't selfies. Somebody else took the photos for her. Two people having an airhead moment at once? That's just plain bad luck!

Via Metro