George "Sulu" Takei has announced that William Shatner is unlikely to be invited to his wedding. Takei, who is currently on our screens fumbling about the jungle in I'm A Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here!, is due to marry his longtime boyfriend in September but has said that Shatner is not one of his closer friends.

"We have only 200 seats," Takei's partner of 21 years, Brad Altman, told the press earlier this week. "Our contact list has, like, 3,500 names, so we have to whittle it down and I don't know if William Shatner is going to make the cut." Takei has long had a strained relationship with the legendary Shatner and was vocal in his objection to Shatner demanding close-ups of Kirk during the taping of Star Trek, even when the dialogue was focused on other characters.

Reports have suggested that Shatner might think about beaming himself and an away team directly into the wedding reception, but this idea was nixed when it emerged that Star Trek is actually fiction and the technology for this doesn't exist.