Cannes opened yesterday amid a flurry of high hair, sequined gowns, and hairy chins (with added arse crack).

It lashed rain, a predicament most handled with a level of dignity. Others, not so much.

The other big quandary of the night was the large amount of tulle and trains on display. How does one shove all that netting into a cinema seat? True, there were costume changes for the after party, but these photos were taken as guests departed the screening of Robin Hood.

As always, film festivals are other such soirees are primarily in existence for the purpose of networking. No doubt Benicio and Eva had a good chin wag about Magnums. He was left slightly miffed that her fee was higher than his, especially since her reputation as a serious 'actaw' wasn't exactly something to be tainted by a cheesy ice cream ad to begin with. If you know worroah mean.

How could you, Benicio. How could you.

Those in attendance included Kristin Scott Thomas, Cate Blanchett, Tim Burton's mop a top, someone delightful called Fan Bingbing, Lea Seydoux, Salma Hayeck, Frederique Bel, Arielle Dombasle's ass, Russell Crowe, Danielle Spencer, and a fierce regal looking Natalie Imbruglia.