Behold the mountain of photographs taken in Cannes over the weekend. We've got some classy red carpet fodder, some not so classy, some heels that could actually could be utilised by killers, some try hards, some more try hards, and a even a Tina Turner impersonator. Given this is in fact Tina Turner's daughter-in-law, we can assume her son has some Oedipal issues.

Others gracing the gallery include, Eva Herzigova in very short dresses, Salma Hayek working a very high slit (she wasn't the only one), Evangeline Lily, Aaran Johnson, Michelle Yeoh, Carey Mulligan covering up, what used to be Meg Ryan's face, Diane Lane, Josh Brolin, Michael Douglas, Naomi Cambell toning it down, "William Baldwin" according to WENN (which is sure to delight Stephen more than William) George Lucas, Jennifer Hudson, Woody Allen, Naomi Watts, the result of Holly Willoughby copulating with Anna Nicole Smith's memory,and insurmountably more.