We all have that one neighbour who hands over a box of Afternoon Tea biscuits to us every Christmas, and they duly get eaten as we slowly but surely meld to become one with the couch after another giant feed.

Everyone has their favourite from the box that there's a big rush on, and in many houses around Ireland, that is the jelly star biscuit: covered in chocolate and featuring a sweet jelly on top, it's like two treats in one, and crams as much of the bad stuff inside your already polluted body at one time as physically possible...unless you deep fry it.

Well, we hope you didn't have any plans for Christmas because you'll have to cancel them all and Christmas itself after the news that Jacobs have decided to remove it from the collection this year. Hearts will break, doctors will rejoice, families will fall apart. It will be replaced by this:



What is that? It's not even a full biscuit, it's got holes in it. We don't know who's responsible for this, but we're sure those banana-straighteners in the EU have something to do with it. The nation can stand anymore, and they're close to rioting, we tell you.

Jacobs are yet to respond the mass public outrage this has caused, and reports that there will be a big black market trade in illegally sourced jelly stars are as yet unconfirmed, but we'll update you when we know more.

Via Today FM