The sad passing of Leonard Nemoy has seen tributes pour in from all over the world, but in Canada they've come up with a way to pay tribute to the man who played Spock using their currency. 

The Canadian $5 bill features Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurie, who it turns out bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Spock as played by Leonard Nemoy, provided you have the artistic skills to add the right hair and eyebrows. With the passing of that actor late last week, the Canadian Design Resource decided that this was a fitting tribute to a dearly loved public figure, and decided to make the notes into portraits of the actor. 

CDR publisher Todd Falkowsky stated that the $5 bill has a lot going for it when it comes to customisation, stating that "the existing portraits are quite large and can be improvised with easily, and the color of our $5s are the same blue as Spock's uniform".

Even the new design of the $5 note can be transformed to feature Spock's likeness, but it takes a bit more skill with a pen than the older version.

While it's not illegal to deface the currency, it is frowned upon, although mostly people have been welcoming the move and getting involved themselves. That wasn't the only tribute being paid to Nemoy over the weekend, as billboards began to pop up in a few different cities in the US featuring him as his iconic character, making the 'live long and prosper' gesture.