Oh Canada. Are you ever going to stop giving us more and more reasons to love you? 

A week after their parliament was brought to a standstill when two representatives engaged in a debate as to whether the word 'fart' was acceptable language, a Canadian Police Station has put out the best safe driving message that has ever graced a Facebook post. 

Ahead of the busy Christmas party season, the Kensington Police Service in Quebec posted the below message on Facebook reminding people to plan their rides home in advance so that they're not tempted to drink and drive. 

They've also added an extra deterrent to those that think about chancing driving home drunk on top of the usual "hefty fine, a criminal charge and a years driving suspension" - they'll play Nickelback in the cop car on the way back to the station after they arrest you. 

We have to say we're a little surprised. We thought Nickelback were unconditionally loved in Canada. Guess it must be just be in their native Vancouver.

Via Uproxx