Yes, that headline is factually correct.

Bill Dhaliwal, who is known locally in Canada as the 'King of Car Thieves', was arrested as part of a major police investigation into a criminal enterprise worth over $5,000,000 - $30,000 of which is made up in chocolately goodness.

Dhaliwal was arrested along with a total of twenty-two people as part of Project Cyclone, for a number of criminal offences including drug trafficking, smuggling, car theft and even kidnapping. It's alleged that over 60 cars were stolen - one of which was a Lamborghini worth $340,000 - and an entire shipment of Nutella.

According to Canadian police, Dhaliwal's criminal gang stole the shipment and sold the proceeds on for 50 cents on the dollar, netting them a healthy and hazelnut-riddled profit.

Dhaliwal will eventually stand trial for his crimes, as well his co-conspirators. It's understood that the Nutella has not been retrieved and has been sold on the black market. You might even say it's black chocolate market.

Not sorry.