Do you ever wonder what female celebrity you're comparable to? As in, who would you happily lock yourself in a lift with for an extended period? I often think about this (a result of having no friends and an unhealthy fear of lifts) and came to the realisation that I couldn't share five minutes with one of them (except Jessica Alba, the bird who plays Karen Walker, or possibly Alexa Chung). Why? Because they say stuff like this; "We've talked about marriage and we are just taking it easy. But I'll be ready whenever he does ask me and I would say yes right away. He basically lives with me anyway. He's got half of his stuff at mine and I am very happy because every day when I get home, he's there." Given the picture, the sleuths amongst you will have deduced that these words fell from the mouth of 23-year-old Sugababe, Amelle Berrabah. This would mean she's referring to Freddie Fuller, the man accused of raping her younger sister. However, it's unfair of me to bring that up considering he got away with it - sorry - was never formally arrested. That minor detail aside, myself and Amelle wouldn't see eye to eye over the following; where she sees a doting boyfriend moving into her house and waiting for her to come home, I see a demotivated, lay about, sponge. Which means I'll possibly die alone.