In his latest interview with Zane Lowe, Harry Styles has fans pricking up their ears. It seems the singer has a case of weird-accentitus à la Liam Payne.

If you were a fan of Liam Payne's transatlantic accent in his commentary on the Will Smith Oscars slap, you're going to love Harry Styles clipped English meets American twang meets Aussie accent.

Since the interview came out yesterday, fans on Twitter are expressing their bewilderment at the wave of new accents hitting the one-D lads. One thing is for sure, his accent is not the same "as it was".

Let's start with the clip.

People picked up on the accent remix immediately.

Some are straight up just not buying it.

The mourning for his Northern English voice has begun.

While others remain hopeful.

Mega fans are calling for re-brand of the entire band's accents.

We have had some accent confusion from the lads before, remember 'What Makes You Beautiful'? In that [Harry] says "you're insecure" but fans could also hear a French accent saying "you're in the car". But this seems more... serious.

Watch the interview 'Harry Styles - Zane Lowe 'Harry's House' interview' in full on Youtube.