After the SATC series wrapped back in 2004, the laptop and desk used by the character 'Carrie Bradshaw' was donated to The Smithsonian museum... by request... for some reason. Anyway, the person who played 'Carrie Bradshaw' in the series, a woman called Sara Jessica Parker, will fill you in on the rest: "After the series finale The Smithsonian called us to ask for the desk and laptop from the TV show. They only released it back (for use for the film) after I made several personal calls. When it was suggested I use a replica because no one would know it a replica, I said 'I will know.' We had to have that desk - as a writer, it's an extension of you." Yeeeah. I was afraid this might happen, that's why I went to such lengths at the beginning of the piece to refer to you as two separate entities... OK, c'mere Sarah Jessica, take a seat *pats lap*... why, yes I do like your dress, very pretty sparkles. Now... look at me. OK, back up a little... OK... You. Are. Not. A. Writer. Other people, lets call them scriptwriters, wrote all of 'Carrie's' super insightful "I couldn't help but wonder" voiceovers. The props guy typed out the last line for the computer screen close ups. You were just hammering away on a pretendy laptop while looking skyward and sucking on whatever phallic-like object happened to be handy. D'you remember? It wasn't even plugged in. And even if you were actually 'Carrie', you still couldn't call yourself a writer. Trust me, I know, I'm not a writer either. We're what are affectionately known as "hacks". Can you say hack? Yes, just like the cough sweet. Now, if you were a hack like 'Carrie', you wouldn't need a desk. All a good hack needs is a reliable internet connection, many caffeine based liquids and a quiet place to scream besides the confines of their own head.