Naomi ‘slugger’ Campbell has been arrested at Heathrow airport, after reportedly decking a police officer, then spitting on him - after he had the cheek to try to calm her down when she was told one of her bags was missing. If that’s not an excuse to pull out the pepper spray, then quite frankly I don’t know what is. According to The (ever reliable) Sun, she was dragged away by the fuzz "kicking and screaming" while another source commented that "she was going nuts, spitting, punching and lashing out”. This isn’t Campbell’s first foray into inflicting random beatings on the unsuspecting; she served five months community service last year for throwing her mobile phone at a maid. If i was the maid i would’ve done my upmost to catch it and make a few long distance calls before she came at me with whatever blunt object caught her eye. The tempestuous model could do six months in jail for assault if charges are pressed. Heathrow has been beset with problems lately, and it’s reckoned that up to 20,000 pieces of luggage have gone missing the past couple of weeks alone. Campbell’s publicist offered this explanation: "She arrived in plenty of time at Heathrow Terminal 5 with two bags, checked them in, and told they were on the flight. Once on the flight, she was told one bag could not be found and was missing. British Airways decided to resolve this by insisting she leave the flight, calling the police, and forcibly ejected her from the flight". Didn’t something happen between the time her bags went missing and when she was asked to leave though!? Oh, you forgot that bit... Wait are you afraid she'll track you down or something?