Well, invading a stage in the company of a pineapple is one way to spend a Saturday evening.

Did you not hear? Calvin Harris shimmied up onstage during Jedward's performance of Under Pressure (but really it was the Vanilla Ice version - that being Ice Ice Baby - in which he doesn't sing at all. Imagine if Simon had allowed one of his acts to do that on Queen Night? Cue Louis: "You're BENDing the rules again, Siiimon. You're always BENDing the rules to suit you're own means. This is QUEEN night, Simon, and you've allowed your boys to rap a remix of the song from the early 90s. It's just CHEATING.") with a pineapple on his head. It wasn't a headpiece, it was an actual pineapple he was holding to his head. Tacking a blonde feather duster to one's forehead might have emulated the twins' There's Something About Mary quiffs better, but Calvin probably didn't have one to hand. Only a pineapple.

This is what he had to say of his actions: "It's not for my own publicity. I'm not a celebrity - I make music. Dancing on stage with a pineapple on your head is a very stupid thing to do, but I also want to suggest that it's a very stupid television programme. I was very surprised how easy it was to get up there. If anything good is going to come out of it, they should stick another man in front of the stage."

Calvin probably felt obliged to strongly suggest the stupidity of the television programme as he was due to appear on The Xtra Factor directly after the live show, and was swiftly banned after his onstage antics.

A member of the show's production team said: "It was completely unacceptable for Calvin to run on stage like that. It could have been an idiot with a knife. From now on security will be seriously stepped up. There will be more guards in the studio. Anyone who looks like they are going to do something similar will be pounced on immediately."

Unlike Calvin, who wandered up on stage, had a bit of an ole dance and then left of his own accord. You can almost make him out in the long shot of this footage here (obviously some quick thinking by the director in the director's gallery). To be honest, it looks like a rogue bit of (what looks like) paper stuck to the sole of Edward's shoe could've been more life-threatening. Observe as he nearly ends up head butting the ground when he bursts on stage. It gets funnier with repeated viewings. Enjoy.

Oh and Jamie's afro got shown the door last night. He was in the bottom two with Lloyd. Yep, Jedward skipped through like the jovial pair of silver lamé encassed lambs they are.