I know, we couldn't sleep at night either, thank GAWD he's confirmed they're properly over - because this Instagram pic of Rita about to be tongued by Cara Delevingne wasn't enough confirmation, nor was the video footage of Calvin ushering scantie-shy arbitraries into the back of his SUV, or rumours of Rita getting on down with one of Justin Bieber's mates, Khali Amir Sharieff.

Putting us out of our misery, Calvin posted the following confirmation on twitter a few days back.

Thing is... Rita thought they were just on a break - she was just off having some frozen yoghurt. An insider told The Sun: "Rita was left embarrassed when he tweeted that it was all over. 'She didn't think he was going to make the announcement, so she was shocked... It was Calvin's decision to end the relationship. They had been arguing for months and had grown apart. She was constantly posting snaps of her with other groups of friends and her trip to Mexico and photos of her with Khalil were the final straw. Calvin likes more privacy than Rita and he hated the extra attention that came with being her boyfriend."

I bet he wasn't rounding up those women to get over Rita, rather he needed a team of able bodied sorts to dismantle his 'Rita Room'. Too many painful memories...