Calvin Harris wants us to think he's over Taylor and doesn't give a proverbial about her whirlwind romance with Hiddleston yet he keeps feeding the likes of TMZ with quotes that suggest otherwise.

Firstly it was that she controlled the media and now he thinks it's 'f*cking laughable' that Taylor's already cosying up to her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend's mother-in-law. For what it's worth we think that's pretty cray cray too, but maybe it's her wearing wellies to the beach that we have an issue with; you're not at Glastonbury, love.

Surely Tom Hiddleston's lovely British mum can see through the trials and tribulations of this love triangle? Does she know it's all for the sake of headlines? Or is she actually her son's greatest accomplice in securing that elusive Bond role? Whether it was on the cards before, his chances of taking over from Daniel Craig have been selfishly squandered; James Bond is not one for salacious gossip.

Anyhoo, here's Calvin's latest attempt at shade-throwing. Keep it coming, Calvin, we actually LOVE it.

A 'source' - who's no doubt laughing all the way to the bank - says “Calvin thinks Taylor’s cozying up to Tom to lock down a Bond girl role … IF he becomes the new James Bond, as rumoured…”

Oh lol. We have no words.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ that Calvin wanted Taylor to meet his parents, who live in the U.K., but Taylor always told him it was too far away. Now, we're told, the DJ is both 'bewildered' and 'astonished' but at the same time, he doesn't care, he thinks it's 'comical' and that he's 'dodged a bullet'.

Via TMZ.