Shouldn't be that hard, Vegas is huge, just make sure you get different limo drivers is all.... That 'secret trip to LA' was all very awks last time...

The 30-year-old DJ - who split from the RIP hitmaker earlier this year - is worried about bumping into the 23-year-old singer this weekend in Las Vegas and is doing everything he can to blank the situation.

A source told the Daily Star: "Calvin has been asking mutual friends to keep him in the loop of her plans so they avoid each other. He's been doing everything he can to avoid bumping into her. Calvin is in Vegas almost every week and feels like it's his turf. He doesn't want the pressure of worrying about seeing her."

However, friends believe Calvin is more concerned about seeing his former flame with her new boyfriend Ricky Hil (AKA Tommy Hilfiger's son), whom she has been dating since the beginning of the month (according to Twitter, he's keen for people to 'support their local drug dealer'.)

The insider followed up with: "If Calvin bumps into Rita and she's with her new boyfriend, he'll be gutted. He wants to know which parties and events Rita is planning on going to so he can stay well clear. Calvin knows that if they accidentally end up in the same place, it'll be beyond awkward for the both of them." Sure they're used to that by now.

Calvin announced on Twitter in June that he'd ended his year-long relationship with Rita "some time ago", but wished her all the best in the future.

Rita then took to her account a week later to claim she had "moved on" from her former lover/memorabilia room enthusiast... bet that was the nail.

She tweeted at the time: "I don't usually address speculation but I've had an incredible time with Calvin, and I will treasure the memories. I've moved on so I hope people will respect that and do the same."