The Calleguas Municipal Water District in California is, like all of the other water districts, in the middle of a record-breaking drought, meaning that their water is truly precious. 

That's why they were very interested to find out who has been stealing it from them, as it seems that rather a lot of it has gone missing recently. After doing some digging, they're pointing the finger of blame squarely at Tom Selleck. 

According to Mashable, "truckloads" of water have gone missing from a public hydrant near Selleck's avocado farm in Hidden Valley, California since back in 2013, and the complaint alleges that the thefts were committed by a white truck that has been linked to the famous actor. 

Irony of ironies, they hired a private investigator to scope out the situation and find out what was going on, who discovered that it was Magnum P.I. himself that was the wet bandit. 

Holy guacamole, etc.

Via Mashable