There are a number of cake videos going around at the moment that are perplexing and a little disturbing.

Whether it's a bulldog sculpture, a croc shoe or a grapefruit, these inanimate objects aren't as they appear. As videos portray someone cutting into them, we see they're actually cakes.

On the one hand, the trend is absolutely mesmerising, and even though you know what the reveal will be, you can't stop watching.

On the other hand, you couldn't exactly call the cakes appetising. Many of them are just downright freaky.

Chef Tuba Geçkil, as well as Natalie Sideserf and The Bakeking are among the realistic cake artists whose work has gone viral.

Check out some of their designs below.


Perhaps funniest of all has been the public's reaction to the viral cake videos.

They can't tell what's real and what isn't anymore...