Sitting in first class doesn't always make you a nice person.

Users of an airline crew forum site called PPRuNe asked cabin crew what their experiences with the nicest celebs were, but because this is the internet and people are only human, they of course listed their worst encounters as well.

Now obviously all of this has to be taken with a pinch of salt because any joe soap could login into this site and write any old nonsense about a celebrity on a plane but because PPRuNe isn't exactly Buzzfeed, we're inclined to believe that most of the accounts are legit.

Take, for instance, this very believable account of Prince William's behaviour on a flight way back when he was on his gap year.

years ago we flew him back from mexico when he was on his gap year. he was sat down the back but came and joined us in the front galley for hours and chatted. so pleasant and amusing

And this account of Robin Williams also rings true for what we know about him.

The most down-to-earth, sweetest guy. No entourage for him, boards quietly and low-profiles it. Very funny and will laugh at your own jokes.

Also sound? Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry (Both "Absolutely delightful."), Justin Timberlake ("really nice and approachable"), Beyonce ("Sooo lovely!"), Colin Firth ("very polite"), Kristen Stewart ("Polite, unassuming and seemed a bit shy") andJennifer Lawrence, who was "nice enough but really loud and a bit obnoxious". Sounds like someone isn't aboard the JLaw train to us.

As for the worst? Well Olly murs was allegedly "rude, chavvy and wanted lots of attention" while Robbie Williams was a "demanding horrid chav with cocky arrogant northern cgav(sic) attitude", Kelly Osbourne was a "spoilt brat who has one of those whiny LA/Brit accents" and Jon Bon Jovi was "ignorant and nasty with high heels on to make him look taller". Ouch. Someone's going to need some aloe for that burn.

Looks like money and fame doesn't buy manners after all.