Super. Another excuse for Xtina and Cher to get their respective kit off. Well, I'm assuming they do. Christina certainly. There's not much else going on, is there. Which is probably why she chose to, for the most part cover herself up at yesterday's LA premiere. Unlike her co-star. In the interest of all things age appropriate, the pair of them should've made a switcheroo in the jacks.

Anyway, say what we like about UK premieres being boring, celebrity devoid and what not, at least the attendees resemble real people. Look at the state of this lot. Behold the Antins. Are they blood relatives? Who knows. Are they a threesome? Possibly. Did they all go to someone called Dr. Antin and thought they'd name themselves after their creator? Very viable. As for this... it looks like two seperate faces. The rest of them are the usual fair; the Seacrest, the Jenners/Kardashians, the very tanned and the very thin (yep, there she is, sucking souls again).

In saying that, some normal looking folk did make the effort to turn up, like Will Ferrell, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson and Chas Bono('s lady friend)