When it comes to handling customer complaints, we're pretty sure this is exactly what you're not supposed to do (even if it is what everyone wants you to do).

This amazing exchange between a Burger King in Tralee's Facebook page and a customer was captured late last night and has been doing the rounds online since.

The since deleted review claimed the Burger King drive-thru in Tralee was the "worst drive thru service ever... By the time u even make ur order mcdonalds wud have 20 cars done", to which the operator of the Facebook page replied "Why not fuck off over to mcdonalds then and eat their shit food". Not exactly what we imagine is written in the company handbook for handling complaints.

And now the franchise based in Tralee are offering "free mini pancakes today (Wednesday) to everyone who shares this post", this post being a thank you to their customers for supporting them over the whole review incident.

All we'll say is just be aware that today is April 1st. You may be getting some bullshit on the side with those pancakes.

Image via Burger King Tralee Facebook