Here's something you probably don't want to read at lunchtime. Burger King in the UK have come out and said that some of their burgers were contaminated with horse DNA, after initially denying it.

Apparently tests from their supplier Silvercrest confirmed the presence of the contamination, but Burger King are stressing that they have not sold any of those burgers. Which we have no way of knowing is true or not because it's not like someone bought a Whopper to keep as a souvenir. Anyway, they're saying that Silvercrest used a small amount of beef from a supplier in Poland that was non-approved, against their agreement to only use British and Irish beef and have such stopped using them for their burgers. Tesco also dropped Silvercrest as a supplier in the last few days. Maybe it's time to go veggie. Apparently tofu steak is nice?

And in 'are you f*cking kidding me?' news closer to home, the former head of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has been appointed chairman of Horse Sport Ireland. No, seriously.