As much as we wanted this to be real, it's our sad duty to report is as a pisstake.

The archive footage of an English reporter attempting to win over builders during the height of the Troubles in Belfast was so effective, it had a number of people fooled as to its authenticity. Let's be honest - everyone's been told by either their Dad or their first boss to get a long weight, a sky-hook or a glass hammer at least once in their lives.

Not only that, it's also extremely likely that any hardware shop or builders' suppliers would play along with the joke as well. Not only that, referring to an intruding presence in the manner in which they are in this video makes complete sense.

The real voice on the video is that of Paddy Raff, a comedian based in Belfast, who made a similar video earlier this year, taking the piss out of condescending news reports about Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the Troubles in the '60s.

Still, it's absolutely hilarious so don't let the fact that it's not real stop you from enjoying it in the slightest.