Brusselmole. Say it with us. Bru-sel-mo-lay. If you didn't vomit in your mouth a tiny bit, well, lucky you.

This new crime against human mouths was created and displayed by Marks & Spencer as they launched their Christmas menu (it's only six months away after all) this week, much to the amusement and horror of people everywhere.

Also on the menu? Sprout-filled sausages (another crime in our opinion) and Prosecco-flavoured crisps which we would be all over.

But back to the main offender. Imagine reaching over a table, seeing an inviting bowl of what looks like guacamole (the nectar of the gods) and chomping down on a massive chunk of it before the reality and horror set in. Whoever thought it up clearly got a 1st in their B.Sc in Evil Genius studies.

Via Mashable