Is Bruce Willis just f*cking with us? Are we being 'Punk'd' as Ashton Kutcher would have said back in the day, or is wearing a bathrobe for an interview on 'Daybreak' and appearing generally tranquilised due to something else going on?

The 58-year-old actor is becoming widely known for his awkward interviews after a number of uncooperative and stubborn Q&As, having made Matt Baker and Alex Jones squirm on 'The One Show' earlier this year by refusing to give clear answers, followed by another interview with Magic FM this month where he said he would rather 'slash his hooves' than promote his current film 'RED 2'.

As he was quizzed by 'Daybreak' presenter Kate Garraway today in a hotel room Bruce donned a white fluffy robe as he gushed about his 15-month-year-old baby daughter Mabel, his child with 35-year-old model Emma Hemming, saying: 'It is a woman, she's only 15 and a half months old but she is my kryptonite.'

The Hollywood icon also has three other daughters, Rumer Willis, 24, Scout LaRue Willis, 22, and Tallulah Belle Willis, 19, with his ex-wife Demi Moore and he insists he is proud of all his girls, adding: 'I'm just very proud of all of my daughters. It's all good, I haven't found a time yet that is bad. I get to learn a lot more about women than most men do because it's just me, there's me and 20 women around me. You would think that sometimes they'd let me be in charge but just briefly, just for mere moments really.'

Bruce seems to be content to see the back of press interviews for a while, if not movies entirely as he's 'unemployed right now and just being a dad, you know, I'm gonna change some nappies.'