Ooooooh, we didn't see that one coming... (again, scroll towards the bottom of the piece).

According to Look magazine, Rihanna (when not being photographed partying solo in various clubs dotted about L.A.) has been in consistent touch with America's number one chat show queen, and now wants a public apology from Brown on the show itself: "Rihanna has been talking to Oprah Winfrey on a regular basis since late February, when Oprah begged her not to take Chris back. She's been having second thoughts about them being back together (hold it - I thought they were on a break... *smacks head off desk*). Agreeing to go on Oprah's show and tell the world how sorry he is will help make up her mind."

It will also bolster their respective album sales and be a ratings winner. KAR-CHING!