Brooke Mueller was last spotted by TMZ running around Hawaii dressed in tracksuit bottoms and heels with a homemade crack pipe (true story), so the fact that she's been (reportedly) telling her friends that she's been 'hanging out' with ex Charlie Sheen again shouldn't come as a surprise. I mean, he only threatend her with a knife on Christmas day a few years back, and - more recently - said something about cutting her head off and sticking it in a box.

According to TMZ, the mess on legs told friends that they've been having a good time together as they have so much in common (crack - and their children - but mainly crack). The pair, who have twin sons together Bob and Max, divorced last year and it was finalised in May this year. It's claimed she is concerned that if their "relationship was to get even better they could encounter problems after the issues they had that led to their bitter divorce..." which makes total sense.