Every so often, particularly when it looks like she's getting back on track, Brooke Mueller loses the run of herself in spectacular fashion. Not that she goes on television madourvit, surrounds herself with rent boys and spouts off about tiger blood and winning, or anything.

Last time, she was seen in a clearly agitated state hawking some wares in a pawn shop. This time around, she's drawn a bit more attention to herself by getting arrested for assault and cocaine possession. And she didn't just have a hunnerd bag on her either.

Sky News reports: "Police in Aspen, Colorado, said the 34-year-old had been detained on suspicion of third-degree assault and cocaine possession with intent to distribute. Officers arrested Mueller at a nightclub after a woman reported being assaulted by the actress. Mueller was released from custody after paying £7,000 in bail. She is scheduled to appear in court on December 19. Aspen police spokeswoman Blair Weyer said additional details were not immediately available, while Mueller's lawyer had no comment."

Brooke should just stop going to Aspen. Only bad things happen when she's there.