What was she doing there in the first place anyway? OK, pretty face and big baps combo - check. Ability to giggle and the drop of a hat - check. Also has the ability to make Amanda Holden feel insecure about her looks/age - check and check. These were obviously the qualities which Simon Cowell was looking for when he signed her up to appear on the judging panel alongside himself, Piers Morgan and Holden. He forgot, however, that she can't string a sentence together. Might we remind you, Simon, of The Big Breakfast (which she was also booted off) and Celebrity Love Island (she was replaced with Fern Cotton the following year), and she can barely function in that SKY Plus ad (although they were probably going for the "if Kelly Brook can navigate it, there's hope for the legions of technically challenged out there" vibe).

A source speaking to The Mirror had this to impart regarding the matter: "She simply didn't have what it takes. There have been a lot of tears and tantrums the past few days. Kelly came breezing in and Amanda, in particular, was very worried. But as soon as the first act came in it was clear that Kelly wasn't ready. You have to think on your feet to come up with something good to say each time. It can be very tough keeping it fresh. Kelly struggled from the start. Simon and the producers tried to give her advice, but it didn't seem to work. She got very stressed and upset as she thought people were having a go and that just made her more nervous. There was an almighty row and it was downhill from there." A friend of the 29-year-old said: "Kelly was given no help whatsoever. She was effectively hired only hours before she started the job so had no time to prepar. Nobody bothered to give her any pointers and she felt frozen out by the rest of the team. They're very cliquey." That's possibly because, according to The Sun, all involved got informed of her involvement at the last minute: "Ant and Dec were angry that they were told at short notice. They had it broken to them in their taxi on their way to the start of filming. Piers and Amanda were not happy either. They did not think she fitted in."

Simon Cowell passed comment last night, saying: "I have genuinely enjoyed working with Kelly. She is absolutely lovely and a complete professional. But it has become clear the format (pressing buzzers and passing generic comments) doesn't support another judge and we will never add a fourth judge to the panel." A Mirror insider elaborated further with: "Simon quickly realised he had made a mistake and thought it best to cut his losses. He thinks the world of Kelly and knows she is talented (AKA the big baps/pretty face combo). He thought she would bring some glamour to the series. But he realised that she wasn't right. He couldn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of the show so everyone decided it was best to call it a day. It's not as if Kelly was enjoying the experience much herself."

Kelly must not of watched the last series of BGT or The X Factor. All that's required of 'The Pretty Bird' are some tears, some firm diplomacy when letting the mad yokes down, and the odd stand off with Simon. I mean, Amanda Holden isn't exactly a hub of talent. Although she has got that "bitch" edge to her which her fleeting counterpart clearly isn't in possession of. Not to worry, Kelly, you have a few magazine spreads left in you, as Piers so kindly pointed out, and I'm sure your Strictly Come Dancing inspired fitness video is flying off the shelves.