OK, first he blamed Hollywood for "breaking" his wife's heart - which in turn led to fatal cardiac arrest, and now he's suing Warner Brothers for her wrongful death....

Simon Monjack has previously insisted Brittany was deeply affected by Warner Brothers decision to cut her from the cast of new animated movie Happy Feet 2. Nothing to do with her sporadic use of his antidepressents and pain killers. Last year, it was claimed Brittany was sacked from a movie in Puerto Rico for being "difficult." It was also alleged Simon had been problematic on the film set. Simon insists it was Brittany’s decision to leave, but has said Warner Brothers listened to the gossip and let it affect their decision to work with the actress.

"They killed her. She was devastated. Every story needs a villain, and everyone has decided it is me. The reports about the Puerto Rican set are fantasy. I was never, ever drunk there. What I did do was demand they follow union rules and after she had worked 12-hour days, six days a week, that she get the breaks she was entitled to. I was 'difficult' because I was the enforcer to protect Brittany. She was far too nice to stand up to directors and producers who wanted her to work to exhaustion... It's a cruel town. Warner Brothers relied on conjecture and hearsay about the Puerto Rico film for why they cancelled Brittany's role in Happy Feet. You're disposable as an actress or actor." Or as an employee of any kind, really.

There have been repeated claims Brittany suffered from an eating disorder and took drugs, with reports suggesting there were ten different prescription medication bottles in her bedroom when she died. Simon has previously said many of the medicines were his, and has repeated refuted claims his wife used illegal drugs:"In all the time I've known her, she has never, and I repeat NEVER, done (illegal) drugs. Not a line of cocaine, not a hit from a joint, nothing. She was anti-(illegal)drugs. There are no (illegal) drugs involved. The drug rumours made her lose roles, I'm sure. All she wanted to do was to make movies. She was waiting for the role that would revive her career. But there's always some new girl getting off a bus. In Hollywood, girls like Brittany are disposable."

Simon also delicately quashed claims he was with Brittany for her money: "When Brittany died she had 60 pieces of unworn Louis Vuitton. The dog had Louis Vuitton. This was all me. We kept our money separate. When I took Brittany out shopping, I paid for everything... Brittany's films had grossed $100 million before she met me. But her career had ended before then. She hadn't earned millions in years, and when we met she was struggling financially, from a series of bad investments. She trusted some people who she shouldn't have."