Britney Spears is back on the market. Her boyfriend of five months, who is also her agent, has called it a day on their relationship, *sobs*. The break up has come due to the pressure being piled on Jason Trawick to get down on one knee and ask that all important question, or so they say.

Since getting her career back on track over the last few months, the Brit-maester that we all know and love seemed to be happy out, and then came the relationship with Jason which was the icing on her cupcake. However, it was reported that she had become stroppy and demanding. She also kept giving Jason hints about marriage.

According the National Enquirer (and we all know how factual that can be) a friend said "It was just too fast, too soon for Jason. He didn't like the pressure Britney and her family were putting on him to put a ring on her finger. He told Britney repeatedly that he would never marry, but she refused to believe him. She thought she could change his mind by having a baby with him."

I'm telling you, Britney needs to come here and settle down with a nice Irish boy.
-Alicia Coyle