Does anyone else like strolling around graveyards? I'll put my hand up to it, it's strangely relaxing (although cremation is totally the way to go. Worm fodder? No thanks). If Britney was in the vicinity she'd no doubt raise a lamh to it too, although she's used to more illustrious surroundings than Shanganagh Cemetery. Britney reportedly favours the environs of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Proximity naturally plays a part in her preference, that and it's home to Marilyn Monroe's bones. According to a source: "Britney is fascinated with Marilyn and visits her grave often. Since she's been getting her life together, she's been reading about the star and has recently been glued to a book about her (I hope the ending doesn't upset her). She's fascinated that Marilyn asked her favourite make-up artist to make her look beautiful after she died and picked her own burial plot... When Britney saw Rudolph Valentino's grave at the cemetery, she shrieked and said she wanted one. She told her aides: 'I'm going to live forever so I want to be brought to the Forever Cemetery when I'm 101'." Well, the meds are clearly working... in which case she's probably spending all her time there devising a plan to harvest any salvageable body parts. You know, to freeze so she can make some kind've Bride of Frankenstein Britney when her birth body gives up in about twenty years time... and I clearly should've taken a lunch break today.