Last week I reported that Britney Spears was starting to come round after her very public meltdown, willing and eager to resume a life of normality. Then this morning I learn that she's banned all 'pretty' staff from working on the US X Factor. B*tches be crazy.

The 'Toxic' singer - who joined the panel alongside Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid - has reportedly told producers she doesn't want any attractive women working backstage while she is on the show as they make her feel insecure. I do feel quite sad for Britters that she feels this way, but are the X Factor bosses going to let her get away with these kinds of demands?

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Britney has stipulated that none of the female backstage staff working with her are too pretty or stylish."

Will you be tuning in to the US X Factor to see Miss Spears do her thang? She recently claimed she is a 'very subtle' 'X Factor' judge and tries to be constructive in her advice for the auditionees. In a recent promo for the show, Britney said: 'So far everything has been so fun for all of us... Everything is like a new experience for me, so it's a lot of fun and the talent has been amazing... I feel like my judging style is very subtle. I try to use constructive criticism.'

Despite saying she is 'subtle', Britney - who has been described as an 'incredibly tough' judge - is seen in the video dispensing some harsh words to one contestant.

She tells the hopeful: 'I wanna know who let you on stage.'